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Mistress of Tiny dolls
Doll stories, etc.

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"Close the door, Munkey. It's snowing! Brrrr..."
He just ignored me and went outside.
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Not much, Silly snow!Collapse )

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longer to wait.

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I certainly hope not, ramblings... and wanderings and why it's so hard to wait.Collapse )

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Actually frogs and kitty.

I've really wanted a pink Wanda Wonder Frog for ages but could never get one at a reasonable price. They were going for silly money, but I saw these two on Blythe Kingdom and decided to ask if they were still available as I didn't mind getting one or the other. I'd also wanted this Nikki cat. She's called Crayon on the sites. I was delighted to discover they were both still available and having been given a discount if I bought both I decided to buy them together. They apparently travelled together from NY to Honolulu and now to the UK. So they are a well travelled pair.

I've named the froggy Clarice and Nikki, Calliope. I'm so excited about them. They are my birthday present to me. It's funny, but I'd been saving for a DHS Mimi or a G2 body, but when I went to buy it I just couldn't. Then I was looking at a Petite Blythe, but again, I couldn't buy one. Now I realise why and I'm delighted I waited.

While researching Wanda Frogs I found the BIC site and bought my Christmas presents as well.

Just look at those darling tiny froggies! Knowing me, I won't be able to part with any of them once they arrive. Won't it be fun to see Clarice with her little friends/siblings? I love tiny!

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I'm waiting for a dream doll.

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Me: You need a hair cut.
Him: I do?

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Before Orchid's story began her sister, Liquorice Allsorts, had a dream - to open a cafe where she could serve her homemade sweets, treats and teas in a welcoming, congenial atmosphere and continue to look after her children. We join her as she is fitting out the premises with the help of Dexter and Jaz.
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Liquorice is trying to teach Cupcake to count but things aren't going that well.


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